ST17B4 Bag with special Straps


Seasoned Softail riders know traditional bags tend to scrape corners, so they need to be mounted a little higher.

So that I can also serve customers who have installed an accessory swing arm, who have removed the belt protection tabs on the swing arm, or who have made other attachments and conversions, this bracket is now available.

With this holder I can produce practically all possible sizes, even the size you specify for me what you would like.

You mount the bag with straps at the top and you are completely flexible at the bottom. You screw the bracket into the various prefabricated holes or I would be happy to make a pocket where you then drill 2 holes for the screws yourself.

It fits like it was made for you - in the truest sense of the word.



This bag is attached with 3 included straps


Now it's getting serious. Once you have been inspired by our site, you can put together the details of your dream bag or seat here.

Since material costs can vary greatly here, you will receive a binding offer by email after a few days. After your OK, the production starts. From there it's time to wait and look forward to your new motorcycle accessory!