Our bags and seats are just as unique as many motorcycles are redesigned individually. In addition to the purely practical, there are countless ways to give your motorcycle even more expression with a high-quality, tailor-made accessory.


Who has the choice …! Here we want to show you the countless possibilities we offer. Various leather colors and types, seams, buckles and much more. Take your time browsing and you're sure to find something that's perfect for the type of bike you have!

Black used
Dark brown
Light brown
roller buckle
cradle buckle
Stainless steel roller buckle
belly buckle
oval buckle
Cradle buckle black
pilot buckle
Cradle buckle copper
Antique brass cradle buckle
Large alpine buckle chrome
Large alpine buckle black
Small alpine buckle chrome
Small alpine buckle brass
Small alpine buckle grey
Small alpine buckle matte chrome
Small alpine buckle black
Small alpine buckle silver
Carabiner black
Carabiner copper
Carabiner chrome
Carabiner antique brass
Pull buckle
longitudinal stripes
braid pattern

Seam colors

Orange, red, white, gray, anthracite, yellow, blue. I need a one-time surcharge of 10 euros per order for all colors except black, as this requires a changeover of the machine and a sewing process and requires special care when polishing the edges (black).


Individual motifs can also be lasered or embossed:

In order to implement this, I need a file, for example as a PDF or as an image / JPG in black and white

(no Word files and no colors) I ask for your understanding that the size of the logo is determined by me, the customer cannot estimate it from afar.

You can't know the dimensions because it has to fit and look harmonious later when the buckles etc. are added. You have to rely on my experience here.

Logos and names protected by trademark law are not lasered or embossed or anything else

This includes in particular the name Harley-Davidson or logos or parts of logos from Harley Davidson

Custom made

If you have your own special ideas and are looking for something very unusual that you cannot find here, such as a very unusual leather, please send me a message. Describe to me as best as possible what you have in mind and I'll think about whether and how this can best be realized. I do not make bags for motorcycles that are not mentioned on my site.

Inner Bag

An inner bag made of fabric can be ordered with each bag for €20.