straight leg and wishbone frame bikes


Bag for wishbone, harley straight leg frame


Auch mit Docking kit Machbar, hier mit 3 Schellen 26mm die am Rahmenroht befestigt werden ( darunter Lackschutzfolie) Die Tasche wird dann aufgesteckt und streift nicht am Lack. Beispiel hier Schwarz "used look" , Schnallen Messing-Antik


3 clamps are attached to the swingarm tube, the bag is hung on it and secured with split pins. I deliver the bag undrilled and the clamps are mounted depending on the situation on the bike.
There must be three 12.5-13mm holes in the bag. Simply mark, drill from the outside. Place a piece of wood inside.
Of course, like all of my bags, the bag has an aluminum back panel.

See here:

Clamp with paint protection film underneath.



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