Fenderstrut Bag left side with bottle holder


These bags can of course be made for the right and left.

Because of the larger fender struts of the fat bob, this bags can be bigger.

If the motorcycle has a side license plate holder, the bag may need to be adjusted. Then we have to talk about it.

Everything is possible, laser engravings, diamond stitch etc


je nach dem wie das bike bereits umgebaut ist, lassen sich große Taschen verwirklichen ( auch mit Docking kit )

Innerhalb bags can also be made

I made a turned part for this bag so that it can be attached to a luggage rack despite the docking kit. The photos are now without the luggage rack.


from 175€ up


Now it's getting serious. Once you have been inspired by our site, you can put together the details of your dream bag or seat here.

Since material costs can vary greatly here, you will receive a binding offer by email after a few days. After your OK, the production starts. From there it's time to wait and look forward to your new motorcycle accessory!