Sidecover Bag


Battery cover bags are offered either for screwing to the original cover or with a replacement cover.

Up until 2013 there are 4 holes under the trim. The decorative strip is only attached with mirror tape and can be removed.

If you don't have a trim - then you need the replacement cover

The replacement lid always comes with quick-change bolts, and the bag can be easily removed - for cleaning, for example.



from 110€ up

On request also with a replacement cover including quick-change bolts for €96

Ersatzdeckel mit Aussparung

I have the replacement lid with a recess and without a recess. We have to clarify beforehand which of the two is required.


If the exhaust system should be in the way, I also offer this form here:

Video :

individuell with Diamond upholstery 200€


Now it's getting serious. Once you have been inspired by our site, you can put together the details of your dream bag or seat here.

Since material costs can vary greatly here, you will receive a binding offer by email after a few days. After your OK, the production starts. From there it's time to wait and look forward to your new motorcycle accessory!